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Who would have thought last week that the south Texas coast would be underwater in the worst natural disaster in our country yet? Nothing could be worse than Katrina, we thought. Well it is, in Houston and up and down the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The tragedy has glued many to the cable coverage of this unbelievable catastrophe. The Weather Bureau and Weather Channel warned us for several days. They were right, just not graphic and clear enough. No one, not even these public service agencies could have seen the scope and magnitude of Harvey. In one town in Texas, people parked their cars on the highest place in town, only to have them almost totally submerged. I think of the frustration of Noah, as he tried to warn the people of his day trying to explain his building an ark and nowhere near the water. There would be no high ground for them. Noah’s frustration is like that of the evangelist and the burden of many preachers. It truly does appear that Jesus is coming again very soon. Yet people are living farther from the Lord than ever. It can be no surprise when people are left behind, miss the boat, even saying, “I wish I could have known.” If they have heard the good news, shame on them. If we have not told them, shame on us.


NO SURPRISE!  We have been saying that a website is coming. It is here! has been a long time coming. My website builders have done a beautiful job in putting my ministry courses and sermons in PowerPoint presentations on-line. They will be offered by membership and open market at an introductory price for a limited time. Take a look and see if you find they will be helpful to your ministry. Much more will be coming in the months ahead. We are seeking to make over thirty-five years of seminary teaching and over fifty years of preaching available to all. We pray you will “like us.”


MinistrEquote  – “We must never make the proclamation (gospel) without then issuing an appeal.” John R.W. Stott. The Preacher’s Portrait. London: The Tyndale Press, 1961, p. 48.

MinistrEverse –   I (We) must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work (John 9:4). .”The older Greek manuscripts have “We.”

MinistrEsources –  I have read many books on ministry and preaching. All are fine and have made a great contribution to me in my long ministry. I am re-reading Brian Chapell’s book, Christ Centered Preaching, one every preacher, serious about preaching God’s Word, should make a “to be read” item.

MinistrESharing – In these troubled times, I think of a comment Adrian Rogers made after the victory of “Operation Desert Storm.” Dr. Rogers said, “After the victory, we failed to give God the glory. We gave it to General Swartzkoff and the army. It was about what we did. Since then, our nation has steadily gone down into a cesspool.”


Dan’s second book, Prisoners of Hope in Incarceration Nation, is now on the presses, hopefully available before October, in bookstores, Amazon, and on Kindle, or order the digital format through It will also be available on our website,  Prisoners of Hope is a message of hope and encouragement to those in any of the many forms of bondage under which people live today. A third book will also be published very soon, Miracles in Minsk: God’s ARM Working in Belarus. This is a recount of twenty-five years of ministry in the former Soviet Republic of Belarus by Alan Roper Ministries. Stories of modern miracles wrought by God’s power will revive your faith in what God is still doing in the lives of both His servants and His people.