Sacred Scriptures

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This course is designed as an introduction to some the background of our Bible, the history of its development. We will trace the period of oral transmission of the texts, the writing and preservation, and the interesting story of the English Bible.

We will briefly examine the text of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, review early textual manuscripts, trace the development of the canon, and gain a general understanding of the history of the Bible.


Bible 1.1 Sacred Scriptures*

Syllabus for Sacred Scriptures

  1. Challenge to Bible Students
  2. The Old Testament Scriptures
  3. Canonization of the Old Testament
  4. Apocrypha: Between the Testaments
  5. Background of the New Testament
  6. New Testament Scriptures
  7. Canonization of the New Testament
  8. Sources for Our Bible
  9. Early English Translations
  10. The Douay-Rheims Version
  11. The Modern English
  12. Appendix A Ancient Texts
    • A.1 Ancient Texts of the Old Testament
    • A.2 The Seal of Baruch-(1065)
    • A.3 Ancient New Testament Manuscripts
  13. Appendix B English Texts and Translations
    • B.1 A Brief History of the King James Bible
    • B.2 English Bible History: Wycliff
    • B.3 American Standard Version
    • B.4 Miles Coverdale Bible History
    • B.5 Douay-Rheims Version (PDF Doc)
    • B.6 The Bishop’s Bible 1568
    • B.7 The Revised Standard Version
    • B.8 Tyndale Bible John 1
    • B.9 Tyndale English Bible History
    • B.10 Wycliff Bible Gospel of John
  14. Appendix C History of Israel
    • C.1 Outline of the History of Israel

*Each Lecture and Appendix includes PowerPoint Slides and/or Documents

The following instructions are given to assist the user of CoursesUsee in gaining maximum benefit from the study materials and presentations for personal use in teaching, preaching and other areas of ministry.

  1. In beginning, read the syllabus for each course in full, marking the name and author of the textbook.
  2. Purchase the textbook and begin reading. Faithfully follow and complete the reading assignments as the beginning of each lecture presentation. (Textbooks are not provided by CoursesUsee, however we recommend the purchase of used books where available. Most online agencies offer these at reduced prices.)
  3. Take your time proceeding in the viewing of lectures, taking notes where material appears helpful for future use. You can print the PowerPoint Lectures in outline format but make sure to click on the “Print Outline” button, not the cell button which will print full pages for each cell. You can also highlight the left column in outline format and paste on MS Word to print.
  4. At the end of the lecture presentation is an assignment for the user to complete. We recommend completion of this, which gives immediate application of some of the material and helps achieve maximum benefits in learning.
  5. Ministry and Preaching Courses are listed in sequential order. We recommend following this order since some of the material assumes a knowledge that may have been gained in a previous presentation.
  6. We recommend printing the lectures for the purpose of keeping the lecture materials in a file or notebook, as well as note-taking as mentioned in #3.
  7. You may use the Bible Course materials in your own ministry, Sunday School class, Small Group Bible Study or however it benefits Kingdom Ministry.

MinistrEsources prays that God will honor your use of the materials and bless  your life and ministry in a meaningful way. Thank you for calling upon us as you serve.